What I Didn’t Know

I remember lying in bed one night and reading a daily devotional magazine . I was about 25 or so. Married. Teaching. Living the dream, I suppose. Yet I can distinctly remember thinking , after I finished the short reading and reached to turn the light out, “Surely He wants more of me than that!” […]

The “Ugh” Moment

I am a peacemaker. That can be a good and bad thing I figure. I have lived long enough to know that under the control of the Holy Spirit, it is a blessed gift for my family and home life. I have also come to realize that left to my flesh, it is more like […]

Why “Following Hard”?

I love Psalm 63! No, let me correct that. I love, love, love Psalm 63! It has been dear to me for many years. It dates back to my late twenties when I was transformed from being a dutiful, serving Christian to one who fell head over heels for an intimate, personal Lord who overwhelmed […]

Steadfast Confidence

Do you ever wake up in the morning and find that you begin your day already discouraged? Nothing has had a chance to even happen yet but that doesn’t seem to matter. Or does it matter? Maybe it IS the fact that nothing has happened. Sometimes that “nothing” is really a “something ” for which […]