Thanksgiving Gifts

Christmas is not the holiday to begin a gift list strategy.  The holiday leading up to Christmas is the perfect opportunity to get my mind thinking of gifts. In order to make the most of the spirit of Christmas,  I need to begin in earnest, way before December. The gift list I have in mind […]

Jesus Frustrated?

What makes someone sigh deeply? Usually it is one of two feelings, either satisfaction or frustration. As I read Mark 8:1-21, I see my Savior responding to the Pharisees by “sighing deeply” in response to their questions and attempt to test Him in verse 12. It is not my opinion that this is a sigh […]

Crisis Management Training

Dealing with an unforeseen crisis does not bring out the best in me. I think I respond to “seen” crises much more productively as I am able to anticipate and plan accordingly for maximum efficiency. Yep……… I am a “planner”. I’m one of those people who like to make lists and check off all the goals […]

Giving Thanks As Jesus Did

His Word is so rich and applicable. As a practical person, I love that about the Bible! When I read a passage of Scripture and the Holy Spirit takes the words and applies them to my life and circumstances, it sinks deep in my soul and satisfies as little else can. I feel as if […]

Welling Up

I was made for this. This transaction between God and man. The wonder welling up inside of me of an All-knowing, All-powerful , All-loving God who sends His One and Only Son to rescue me from sin and death, not to mention myself. The more I read of this Father and Son, the Holy Spirit […]

Turning To And Pushing Through

There are good days…..and there are hard days. I was thinking recently, on a hard day, what it looks like for me to go through a day such as this. What makes a day difficult is irrelevant, because it does not matter the specifics in as much as the emotions can be the same for […]