The Wonder In Pleasing God

As a people-pleaser, I can find myself striving diligently for the approval of others. As I have grown and matured in my adulthood, I have learned how detrimental this can be to me, and my relationships.  It is a habit I am trying to undo because honestly, it often leaves me undone. One of the […]

The Flaws In Perfection

Life is not always as it seems. Nor is faith for that matter. What seems so “perfect” on the outside is not necessarily indicative of the inside. And vice versa. What is seen does not always reflect the unseen. Case in point being the first chapter in Luke. At first glance, Zechariah seems to be […]

The Very First Christmas Gift

What would you give a king? The thought is almost overwhelming. What could a normal person ever hope to give such an important person? Or what would a king even want to receive that he doesn’t already have? And plenty of, I am sure! In the midst of this maddening quest for the perfect gift […]

Life And Love Simplified

If I would have been there, those  2,000  plus years ago, I would have asked the very same question. Off all the questions……of all the people…..that was the perfect question posed to the Perfect person. And to think, I didn’t even have to ask it. That’s how Good He is! He gives me what I […]