Twists And Turns To Nowhere

How many times does it seem that we are nowhere we want to be? Or worse, going in the opposite direction of where we intend to go? As I read about Joseph in Genesis 37, it only reinforces what I have already seen in the patriarchs thus far. I am beginning to see a trend. I […]

The Testimony Against Our Faith

Faithful, yet flawed. Bold, yet bound. Courageous,  yet cowardly. These are words that come to mind about Abraham as I read through Genesis 18 and 20. What can contradict the admirable qualities so that they become incapacitated? One little word…..fear. These two chapters are almost describing two different men to me. Genesis 18 is one of […]

Baggage We Never Intended

There are always consequences. Some we never see coming. Often, the worst are the ones coming on the heels of what we thought were insignificant decisions. By the time we realize just  how significant our choice was, it is usually too late. This is one of the many valuable lessons to learn from the life […]

Seasons Of Testimony

I know full well there are seasons in life. Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 speaks of them. I learn from verse one that there is a time for everything, and a season for every activity under heaven. Even more insight into the norms of life are found in verse 4, saying “a time to weep and a time […]

Confessions From The Waiting Room

I enter the “waiting room” and take my seat. I quickly scan the room and calculate the time anticipated I will wait. Somehow I feel as though I am in a competition. I consider how I can get out of this waiting room sooner than expected. The door opens and someone in the next row […]

Mastered Or Master

How would I act if I knew a bad guy was waiting outside my door for me? Not just one day, but every time I left my house. How on guard would I be if I knew, without a shadow of doubt, that someone was waiting for the opportunity to bring about my demise? I […]

Helpless Yet Hopeful

Today was the day. Hope became sight. I am still cautious that all will follow through. Fear runs deep as hope has been dashed so many times before. But today, for now, hope was realized, for however long it may stay. I woke this morning knowing one of two things would happen. Either hope was […]