Do You See What I See?

One of the most life-changing truths I have learned from studying God’s Word these last 28 years has been about perspective and how it can bring about my victory or my defeat, my hope or my despair, my perseverance or my failure. It has literally been the difference, emotionally and spiritually, between life and death […]

The Encouragement Of Lush Green Leaves

As someone who “measures” quite often, progress is important to me. I would probably even say I am addicted to it. Nothing frustrates me more than to get stuck and cease to move forward in life. I know mistakes are inevitable, but I certainly want to make the most of them by learning all I […]

Joy And Gladness

Do you ever wonder what God expects of us? As a people-pleaser, it is in my nature to do so. I am wired to wonder. Wonder what pleases Him, what He wants from me, wonder if He thinks I am living out my faith the way He expects. I know I am unconditionally loved and […]

God’s Longing

What does God want? Have you ever asked yourself that question? Have you ever wondered what the Eternal, Sovereign, Almighty LORD longs for deep in His heart? What would motivate a God like that? What would He possibly long for that He could not also manufacture in a heartbeat? Every once in a while, we […]

The Blame Game

What makes it so difficult to admit we are wrong?! Why do we fight accepting the blame we deserve? Is it our pride that keeps us captive in a stronghold we build for ourselves ?  Admittedly, it is troubling how this character flaw can be such a besetting sin for many of us, even for […]

Digging Deep To Not Give Up

We are all waiting for something. We are holding on for a hope,  a dream, a relief, an answer to prayer that is very dear to us. No one gets a pass. No matter how blessed we may be, there is something “more” we are desperately desiring. Whether it is regarding a relationship, a healing, […]

The Harsh Reality Of Holiness

This….. is a tough one. I have always struggled with this passage of Scripture in Numbers 20.  I have been intimidated by it, grieved over it for Moses’ sake, and quite frankly, been frightened of it for my sake. Frightened for two reasons- I have struggled to understand it, so therefore, since I could not […]

Silencing With Certainty

There are some people who make a holy difference like few others. I have my heroes in the faith for various reasons. Joseph for his perseverance, David for his passion, Mary for her refusing to miss the better opportunities, Martin Luther for his courage to break from false doctrine, and many more. Too many to […]

Looking For Trouble

Perspective……it is not an overstatement to say that it can mean the difference between life and death. A nation of doubters found that out for themselves in Numbers 13. The LORD told Moses to send some men in to explore the promised land they were about to receive. They had already been told that it […]

The Privilege Of Conversation

Five little words woke me up to the privilege I was taking for granted. It wasn’t until I read about someone else entering into the holy communion that I realized how casually I expected access to the Lord anytime I wanted. I didn’t have to wait for an invitation, or a certain time, or even […]