Looking For Trouble

Perspective……it is not an overstatement to say that it can mean the difference between life and death. A nation of doubters found that out for themselves in Numbers 13.

The LORD told Moses to send some men in to explore the promised land they were about to receive. They had already been told that it was “a land flowing with milk and honey” no less than five times by God’s account thus far. He was clear to communicate the richness and the blessedness of the land that He was giving to His chosen people. Add to this fact, the way God had displayed His power and glory on their behalf in freeing them from Egypt and all their other crises along the way.

It was evident that they were about to receive what God had promised and it had been proven that He was a God who could deliver! They were on the verge of being blessed in a mighty way. They could see it. God wanted them now to taste it.

The 12 men were to bring back 2 things- some fruit from the land and their perspective of the land. I imagine God was sending them in to taste and see for themselves what He had been promising them. I would think He was very eager to have them finally experience what they had been hearing about. They were about to unwrap His gift to them and God was waiting for their reaction.

Over and over, the Lord had shown this nation how He loved them and could provide for them. They were nearing the end of their journey from untold misery and slavery to the provision of their inheritance, their promised gift of fertile, free land that would grant their needs richly and abundantly. All they had to do was receive it.

How hard could that be?! Obviously harder than they thought.

After 40 days of exploring the land, they came back with fruit and a report. They gave their account to Moses and the whole assembly. They affirmed that indeed the land flowed with milk and honey! They displayed the fruit as testimony of how great the land was……But…..the people were powerful and the cities were fortified (Numbers 13:28).

They opened their gift in front of God and the whole assembly, and their response fell like a tremendous thud! Yes the land was just as God had said, but there is no way they can actually have it because the people are too powerful and ……..and…….it just won’t work. There is no way it will happen.

They went in to explore the promised land and all they saw were doubts and impossibilities. It is like they went in looking for trouble, looking for ways to affirm that it was too good to be true. Instead of perceiving the situation and looking for ways that their God was able to deliver once again on their behalf, they fell in to the pattern of faithless perspective. If they could not “see it” , perceive how on earth it could actually be accomplished, then it was very doubtful it would be accomplished!

Had they not learned ANYTHING?! Who am I kidding?! Is it any easier for me to look past impossibility and see God Grand and Glorious?! I am such a visual, planner of a person that my own lack of ability to see solutions hinders my faith. I allow my inability to cloud God’s ability. I look for obstacles unlikely to move and problems too big to solve. If I can’t figure it out then it most likely can’t be resolved.

I am looking for trouble instead of looking for promise, promise of seeing God force into submission what is contrary to His plan for me. 

Have I not learned that God allows the view of the “impossible” to build my faith and trust in Him?! How often does He provide the miracle that cannot even be imagined, much yet performed by man, to solve the problem? He wants me to see possibilities and potential when I am viewing what lay before me. God is the God who makes us promises in His Word over and over. My view, my perspective should ALWAYS be processed through those promises. The finite need is not what I am to base my perspective on but the Infinite God who reigns Supreme over all things!

Sadly, the nation of Israelites fell victim to a diminished  view of their God compared to the unimaginable demands of their circumstances. They lost out on the promised land and their life of promise with a powerful God. All because they could not see their way through what stood in their way…..the giants may have stood before them, but their God was who stood beside them. He is the Almighty nobody wants to mess with!

What about you? What stands in your way as impossible or improbable? What seems like a giant in your life, looming larger than any possibility that you can think up? Dear sister, you do not need to perceive the way through, you only need to see Who rescues and redeems still to this day. Your solution may be beyond your ability, but remember, that is not what governs your life and faith. Numbers 11:23 reminds us of what our perspective should be. “The LORD answered Moses, ‘Is the LORD’s arm too short? You will now see whether or not what I say will come true for you.'”

God gives us “impossible” to see what is “possible” with a God like ours. He uses the powerful giants and fortified cities of our lives to display His power and ability on our behalf which then fuels our faith and praise. His arm is never too short, it is our perspective that is too small!

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