Silencing With Certainty

There are some people who make a holy difference like few others. I have my heroes in the faith for various reasons. Joseph for his perseverance, David for his passion, Mary for her refusing to miss the better opportunities, Martin Luther for his courage to break from false doctrine, and many more. Too many to cover in one sitting that’s for sure.

But there is one in Numbers 13:30-14:9 who makes me so proud to be a believer. He has such boldness and confidence that it makes my hair stand up on my neck and my back bow up with courage to be just like him. He exhibits discernment and faith like few others of his time. He was able to stand against a nation of doubters and silence them! He listened to their fear and discouragement as long as he could until holy indignation rose up in him and he silenced them with a most powerful weapon.

Caleb was his name and faith was his weapon!

He was one of the 12 spies sent into the promised land to explore and report back. When they returned, he listened as the vast majority of them began to cower at going in to receive what God had already promised was theirs. They described to the whole assembly how the people of the land were powerful and the cities were fortified. They were in the midst of a full-on rant for retreat when Caleb could stand no more! And Numbers 13:30 says Caleb “silenced the people before Moses and said ,’ We should go up and take possession of the land, for we can certainly do it.'”

What a man?! What a faith?! He saw what the others had seen and yet had processed it completely different ! They saw insurmountable obstacles. He saw what the LORD had already given them! They perceived what they had to do. Caleb perceived what the LORD had to do.

Caleb knew and understood better than the rest whose responsibility it was to conquer and possess the land. It was not man’s role alone. It was man going in with the LORD leading them. He reminded the people that God would lead them into the land and give it to them. The inhabitants of the land did not have protection while the Israelites had the LORD  with them. In Caleb’s eyes, this was a no-brainer.

I love how confident he was. He literally silenced them with certainty! That’s how you silence fear, with confidence! He reminds me of a young shepherd boy approaching a giant of his own later on in the Scriptures but that story will come soon enough:)

What made the difference in how the majority perceived the situation and Caleb? Why was he able to be so certain of what would happen?

I think it is simple. Caleb knew his LORD and what He had said with certainty. That is what created such a powerful, confident faith!

My question to you is how well do you know the Lord and what He has said? Are you cowering over an obstacle? Are you in need of conquering something insurmountable? Then remember whose responsibility it really is. It is not you alone, but the Lord leading you in to the battle for what is already yours! He has promised you a hope and a future if you seek him with all your heart ( Jeremiah 29:11-13). Now go in and take it!!

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