The Hands Of Time

Oh how we long to control the hands of time! At least I do anyway. Rarely does it feel like timing is just right. Some seasons of life take way too long while others go much too fast. I have found if I am enduring a circumstance in my life or waiting for some desire, […]

Finding Strength In The Lord

  Do you ever feel overwhelmed? In over your head? Swamped by what faces you? David knew that feeling well. In 1 Samuel 30, he had been on the run from his enemies for far too long. He had been wrongly accused and pursued; facing danger from men and armies alike as he tried to stay one […]

Penetrating Purpose

There it is. That moment when I am understood. That moment when I can relate personally to what was written by someone I’ll never know from long ago. I close my eyes and the tears sting as my heart is penetrated by what I have just read.  I feel the impact immediately as I process […]

Running For Cover

When my children were preschoolers, we lived out in the country amongst farmland. It was quite and safe out there so they  were allowed the freedom to roam and play as I worked in the yard. Because our home was set back from the road, half the time I would be outside in my gown […]

Missing The Obvious

How many times do we find ourselves in situations where we should have known better? Why do mistakes seem so obvious only after the fact?! It’s easy to see the mistakes of the Israelites at times, a whole lot harder to catch my own. 1 Samuel 4:1-3 shows me how easy it is to miss the obvious […]

A Time To Cry, But So Much More

“In bitterness of soul Hannah wept much and prayed to the LORD.” What emotions are evoked from those words?! In reading them, I  can feel the depth of her heartache, the desperation of her soul….oh, if only she could change her situation?! Hannah was a barren woman desperate for a child of her own in  […]

Fragrant Reminders

As I was taking the trash out to the dumpster at work recently, I noticed something unexpected. While trudging along, anticipating the yuckiness of the dumpster, a most beautiful fragrance caught my attention and totally changed the moment. It transformed an everyday, thoughtless task into something lovely and inviting. The aroma made me want to […]

Rest For The Weary

Rest is rarely undervalued by those who have had it the least. Only those who have fought the hardest, traveled the farthest, or waited the longest, can feel the depth of utter, complete sense of relaxation and peace. It is felt deep down in mind, body and soul;  a releasing of worry, tension, and being […]